ball point bodkin
Dritz Ball Point Bodkin, Turning Tool, Elastic Inserter
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Dritz Ball Point Bodkin, Turning Tool, Elastic Inserter

Dritz Ball Point Bodkin, Turning Tool, Elastic Inserter

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This listing is for one Dritz Ball Point Bodkin. Turning tool, elastic threader, Bias tube turner, ribbon weaver....This is one of my favorite sewing tools! You can do so many things with it! The thing I use it for the most is popping out corners when turning an item right side out. Sure, you can use the end of your scissors but more often than not, you accidentally poke through. Plus scissors are so wide it is difficult to turn smaller items. This thing is soooo great for that!

This is not just a store that sells sewing supplies. I am a crafter and artist just like you. I love making stuffed animal and soft sculpture and this little tool is always with me. Great for turning stuffed animals and dolls!

Always shipped in a box to protect while in transit. Why buy items if they are going to arrive damaged?

These are manufactured in China but ship from Ohio usually within 24-48 hours.

ENJOY! Also I would LOVE to see pics of what you make!

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