About Us

I have to create. It is both a compulsion and a joy. It makes me happy to design something that I have never seen before, something truly unique. Cosplay has been a fabulous outlet for my creativity. It improved my sewing skills but after a couple of awards, including Best In Show, I wanted more. I wanted a new challenge.

Around that same time I had been making my kiddos costumes and people started asking where they could get them. The awards gave me the confidence in my sewing skills to start a little Etsy store and Sew Thrifty Couture was born.

I make things my kids and I love. Quirky, unusual and frequently pet lizard themed items. All sewn items are made by me, in my home, not some far away factory. This is a very small family business. My kids help out with artistic direction (great ideas) and Information Technology and my husband pitches in with shop tools and shipping assistance as needed, especially around the holidays. 

If you love to sew too, I sell craft supplies and patterns for my designs. I will warn you, my patterns are also unusual. I make them the way I wish all patterns were made, easy to understand and with tons of detailed pictures along the way. I sincerely want people to fall in love with sewing and the easiest way to do that is to be successful in the projects you make. Clear patterns are the first step in sewing success.

Happy shopping and if you have any questions, just ask :)