Beardie Costume FAQ's

1. What sizes are available?
I make costumes for those 3 and up.
I always prefer to work from measurements to ensure proper fit.

2. How much do they cost (prices include priority 2-3 day shipping)?
Head only - $60
Childs costume without back appliqué - $137
Childs costume with one color appliqué - $157
Childs costume with two color appliqué - $167
PLEASE NOTE: The children's base pattern typically works for kids up to age 11 or around 5'2". After that you would be looking at an adult small/tween/teen size
Over 5'2" Tween/Teen/Adult small costume without back appliqué - $167
Over 5'2" Tween/Teen/Adult small costume 1 color appliqué - $187
Over 5'2" Tween/Teen/Adult small costume 2 color appliqué - $197
Over 5'8" Adult large costume without back appliqué - $177
Over 5'8" Adult large costume 1 color applique - $197
Over 5'8" Adult large costume 2 color applique - $207
Fully Custom Adult Costume: Truly wearable art designed using pictures you provide - $252* 

*I had to raise this price on fully custom adult costumes. I grossly underestimated how much additional time it would take to make a truly custom costume - sorry, I either needed to raise the price or stop offering this option.

3. I never see any costumes offered for open sale, all I see are preorders going out, How do I buy a costume or head?
I always work from request lists first. So, if you are interested, please send me a message via the contact form on this website for a speedy response. Be sure to let me know what item you would like and ask any questions you may have.  I will answer any questions and add your name to the preorder list. Each order will be completed in the order it was requested.

*Halloween preorders*: I usually take 10-15 costume orders for Halloween. I usually have that many by early September. So, if you are interested, contact me sooner rather than later through the contact page on this site.

4. Where do you ship to?
Right now I primarily ship within the United States. 

5. Are pieces glued or fused together?
Nothing will be glued. This is part of why these items take so long to make. There is great attention to detail and all embellishments are sewn on, many by hand.

6. What should I wear under the costume?
This really depends on the climate. The costume is adjustable at the shoulders and the waist so you could wear anything from shorts and a tank top to a coat and snow pants. You will need to wear something under the costume as the sides are somewhat open. Most people wear tan pants and a cream top.

7. How long does it take to make?
I typically need 2-3 weeks' notice to guarantee delivery by a specific date. I can sometimes rush an order if needed but there will be an additional charge.

8. What if I would prefer to make it myself?
A digital download of the pattern is available for purchase on this site in the "Bearded Dragon Items" section.  All size variations are included.

Thank you everyone!